We are indebted to the many volunteers who make up the majority of our workforce at Citizens Advice Broxbourne - and we are constantly looking for more volunteers to join us.

Volunteers come from all walks of life and do all sorts of jobs. They volunteer for many reasons, but the one thing that unites them all is that they find the work challenging, rewarding and varied.   

Below are some of the roles we would welcome volunteer support - and training will be provided as and where necessary. Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more

Trustee Board Members

Citizens Advice Broxbourne has been serving the people of Broxbourne, Cheshunt, Hoddesdon and Waltham Cross for over 20 years. It provides a vital service for those facing a broad range of issues including housing, debt and financial management, family and welfare concerns and in 2019  alone assisted over 1300 people with more than 6,000 different problems. A member of  the national Citizens Advice network, each local Citizens Advice charity is independent and lead by its own Board of Trustees.

Trustees are responsible for the governance and strategic management as well as acting as ambassadors for the organisation. 

The Trustees acting individually and collectively have an overall stewardship responsibility for the well-being of Citizens Advice Broxbourne, providing strategic direction, ensuring that it works effectively towards its vision and mission, harnessing its resources to maximum effect and upholding its core ethos and values and fulfilling a duty of care, in accordance with its governing documents, relevant legislation and regulatory requirements.

Our small but active Board of Trustees is looking to expand. We are particularly (but not exclusively) keen to hear from you if you have experience, expertise or an interest in PR and Profile, Legal and Compliance, Human Resources, or Governance.

Prospective candidates will need to:

  • Have time to dedicate to this role (up to 3 days per month);

  • Have empathy with the charitable objectives of the organisation;

  • Have the ability, commitment and drive to take the organisation forward.

The Board meets in the evening around 6-8 times per year, and trustees are expected to be able to spend some time each year during the working day with staff and volunteers. Trustees will also be invited to take the lead on a particular project or theme.  The position is voluntary (unsalaried) with some reasonable expenses reimbursed.

More details and an application form are available from the links below:

Chair Welcome and Introduction

Trustee Role Profile

Trustee Application Form

If you are interested, please complete the application form and return to admin@citizensadvicebroxbourne.org   

Alternatively contact us at admin@citizensadvicebroxbourne.org if you would like to speak to a current Trustee about the role.


Citizens Advice Broxbourne provides a one-stop-shop for clients and our advisors provide up-to-date advice and information using our unique electronic information system. They can link clients up with other services and agencies, help them write letters and complete forms, negotiate with creditors, make telephone calls on the client’s behalf, helping to resolve potential crises and avoiding loss of income, redundancy, marriage breakdown, loss of partner or ill health.

Advisors do not tell clients what to do, but explain their options and the possible outcome of different courses of action to empower the client.


Supporting our advisors we have a team of volunteer administrators with differing roles to match their skills. They undertake the typing of letters and reports, photocopying, data input, collection and reporting of statistics, ordering and management of stationery and generally ensuring that the office systems run smoothly.

What do they get out of volunteering?

Apart from providing great satisfaction and a chance to help the community, volunteering at Citizens Advice provides an opportunity to learn new skills and to develop existing ones. For example, you might improve your IT and organisational skills, or learn how to develop research skills as a campaigner.

You can have hands on experience of meeting a wide range of people, making new friends and, in the process, helping others. You never stop learning.

We provide a comprehensive accredited training programme giving the advisors and trainees skills needed to deliver a high quality service to clients. Experienced Advice Session Supervisors, are always on hand to give support and guidance to all the advisors during the advice sessions. It typically takes 12 months for a volunteer to train to become a fully qualified advisor and able to work with clients although they will begin to see clients under supervision after 4-6 months.

If you are interested in volunteering please email us or use our contact form for more information.

What our volunteers say?

"When the opportunity arose to join the Citizens Advice Broxbourne Trustee Board I thought this would be an interesting and useful way to support local services"

"I wish to use my skills to help those, who through no fault of their own, have fallen into the ‘wrong’ side of the system."

"I am finding being a volunteer for CA a very rewarding role".

What do they contribute to their community?

Despite the major changes in our work processes over the last few years, and the ever increasing complexity of legislation they remain loyal and committed to CA and our community.

The value of our volunteers

No. of Trustees 8; No.of Advisors 13; Trainee Advisors 10; Admin 6; Social Policy 1.

Cost wise, at the local government rate of £12.70 per hour 38 volunteers giving 8 hours per week is the equivalent of £3,860.80 per week.